Treasure – Newington Green



Image of one of the Treasures in Newington Green.
Picture taken by: Nicole Plascak

In 2005, a community group called Building Exploratory realised a project called Treasures in Islington. As a way to revitalise a park and involve the community with their history but also with the future of the green space, a research project took place. Volunteers and researchers collected stories from the neighbourhood, involving schools and community groups.

At the end of the research period, a few stories were selected and through workshops with the community interpreted into visual and formal symbols. Eleven bronze sculptures and sound recordings telling the different stories were made. The sculptures were buried in the Newington Green Park and a treasure hunt game was created. Anyone that visits the park can search for the statues and listen to the recordings. The game engages the visitor, creates a memorable and playful experience whilst providing an educational content on the neighbourhood’s history.

link to project’s website Building Exploratory: Treasures